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How much could your home be worth?

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We can help determine if renovation is right for you. Whether you decide to build with us or not, this will provide you valuable, concrete information on your home.

We can determine how much square footage could be added to your home while meeting local codes and respecting neighborhood covenants. 

We extrapolate approximately how much your home could be worth if remodeled using research on recent sales of similar homes.

We make renovation suggestions that would generate the best return on your investment. As a spec homebuilder, we build homes to sell, so we know what the market demands.

You will not receive the report immediately. We have to create it and that takes time. The report is neither a contract nor an estimate for our services. We may need to contact you for more information. 

Invest in your home

Invest in yourself

The housing market in Austin is no secret. There are few investments as secure or as lucrative as your home. The equity gained by renovating can offset or even negate the cost. If you’ve already made the wise decision to invest in owning a home, don’t leave money on the table. Renovation can ensure you maximize your investment.

Why invest now?

Both prices and interest rates are up, making selling your home and moving elsewhere cost even more. The home you already own will grow in value and renovations will only amplify that growth, maximizing the return on your investment.

Why build with us?

We have what it takes

You need an experienced, committed team that can guide your project from design, through permitting and construction, to completion.

In our more than 20 years of construction in Austin, we’ve seen just about everything. NH2 is part of the Newcastle Homes family and can draw on the vast experience of an established Austin homebuilder.

NH2 is the renovations division of Newcastle Homes. Your project will have a dedicated superintendent and designer. You can count on NH2 as part of the Newcastle Homes family that has built over 200 homes in Austin. 

We have worked with several of our key trades for more than a decade. We know and vouch for their work and can leverage our relationships to get superior pricing and service.

Peace of mind

All NH2 projects are covered by an extensive warranty. We take pride in our warranty work, frequently going above and beyond what is required. If we did it wrong, we will make it right. We are a local homebuilder, we’ve been around for more than 20 years and we aren’t going anywhere. 

You don't have to do this alone.

The risks are huge and there are many pitfalls that can cost you thousands or kill your project altogether. In a building environment as complicated as Austin, you need an experienced general contractor to shepherd your project from start to finish. As a spec and custom homebuilder, we are uniquely adept at remodeling. There’s no renovation we can’t master. We have decades of experience building whole homes from the ground up. We know what works. We know what sells.

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An Established Reputation

We have been building in Austin’s urban core for more than 20 years. We have over 200 unique local projects and scores of client and professional references you can trust.

Financing Options

Unique in-house programs and special relationships with preferred lenders who specialize in 203k rehab loans and other financial tools to get your project done while maximizing your investment.

Comprehensive, Collaborative Approach

Our approach involves the complete team from day one. A comprehensive, collaborative approach means better communication, more value, superior efficiency, and better results. 


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