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Designing a kitchen is no small task. This is the most functional space in your house – and it also needs to be beautiful. You need enough space to work comfortably with easy flow between the fridge, the sink and the stove – but you need to minimize the steps between these stations. The rest is just maximizing counterspace and cabinet space to keep your utensils and cookware close and providing plenty of space for prep. Our designers can take your kitchen to the next level and give you the beautiful and functional space you deserve.

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Newcastle has been building in Austin’s urban core for more than 20 years, so we have over 200 unique local projects and scores of client and professional references you can trust.

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Unique in-house programs and special relationships with preferred lenders who specialize in 203k rehab loans and other financial tools to get your project done while maximizing your investment.

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Our approach involves the complete team from day one. A comprehensive, collaborative approach means better communication, more value, superior efficiency, and better results. 

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