About Us

Newcastle Homes offers three options: Move-in ready homes, to-be builts, and customs. All of our homes are custom designed by top architectural talent specific to the site.

  • Move-in ready homes (aka ‘Specs’) are completed and then offered for sale. (Click here to see the properties we have available now.)
  • To-be-Builts (aka ‘Pre-solds’) are homes that we have designed and then put under contract BEFORE they are completed. What part of the process they are put under contract determines how much input the client has selections on finishes, upgrades, options, etc..
  • Customs are totally client-driven. They are conceived, located, designed and constructed in complete coordination with the client. The design-build process is outlined below. Note while Newcastle excels at single-sourcing ALL elements of the design-build process, we can go a la carte too! That is, we can build on your lot or ours, design with your architect or ours, use your banker or ours, etc. This flexibility is rare, and no matter what arrangement you select, your project and home WILL be better by having Newcastle involved!